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And we’re back!

January 6, 2013

Boston Blades facing the Russian women’s national team in Somerville this past November


It’s only been, what, eight months? Yowzer! 2012 was a jam-packed year: a new job, a move, a girlfriend moving in with me, and a host of other happenings, as if that wasn’t all enough. And then, there was a lockout. And today, that lockout broke.

It wasn’t the worst thing at all, this lockout. I didn’t feel like writing after midnight struck on September 15th, though I’d be lying if I said the urge didn’t strike. It’s just that, well, I don’t care. I enjoy law and the business side of the sport, but frankly, this labor debacle was too much–and I wound up apathetic, like a lot of fans and followers (and probably journalists).

In this lockout, I took in as much women’s hockey (thank you, Boston Blades of the CWHL) and college hockey (Harvard, BC–the wonders of Omaha at Nebraska versus Colorado College on the odd weeknight) as I could. I returned to pirated streams of KHL games and watched them weekend mornings over breakfast. My girlfriend and I translated and enjoyed the Czech Extraliga as we long have. Got some luxury box tickets to the Celtics from work (heck, they played the Raptors so I even got to hear “O Canada”), and started to understand the rules of football. And I played my own hockey.

But boy, am I glad to have the NHL back. I can’t wait. I can see TD Garden from my office at work. Certainly, in the last four months, the butterflies haven’t come from staring down that building every day. Instead, it was nearly insulting.

The Bruins are back. Watching games after work is back. Having something great to enjoy a beer with when you’re alone–it is all back. And I could not be happier.

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