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NHL Trade Deadline: The maelstrom, the heartache

February 27, 2012

The flashes of red. The analysts suited up with matching cups of Tim Horton’s coffee. The wholesale pimping of Twitter.

Ah, it’s just the 2012 NHL trade deadline, February 27th, 2012. It’s been bastardized and commercialized dmore than Christmas, and this year seems the apex. What can the hockey fan do? It’s one of the most hyped days of the hockey calendar, besides July 1, and, well, virtually all eight weeks of playoff action.

There haven’t been any blockbusters, and the Andrei Kostitsyn trade has to bemuse folks for many hours till a few more trickled forth. Interesting how each TSN analyst (the feed popped through the NHL Network in the States) had to play up how each trade benefitted a Canadian team (if one was involved in the trade). Sure, they’re catering toward a Canadian market, but how about some balance?

Truth is, little of much consequence will happen at today’s trade deadline, at least as far as this season goes. Years down the line, perhaps a pick or prospect swapped today will make a difference.

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