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IDNES interviews Zlin player and WJC star Petr Holik

January 13, 2012

Awaiting a faceoff, suited up for Zlin.

Petr Holik raised eyebrows earlier this month in Alberta at the World Junior Championships. His offensive acumen and tight speed helped propel the Czechs into the medal round, after toppling the Americans. He racked up four goals, all told. Holik, a draft eligible player who was passed up in the 2011 entry draft, had a big role in that.

Recently, Czech paper IDNES interviewed the rising forward. I’ve given a translation of some intriguing passages below.

What style of hockey do you prefer, European or the type played abroad (N. American)?

The European style is of course technically closer to me. But larger rinks don’t quite suit me the best. The smaller ice surface is a better fit. I am small of stature, but I enjoy clashing with my opponents. Overseas the boards are softer, so it does not hurt as much. (ed note: curious).

Do you have a dream of playing in the NHL, or at least abroad?

It’s far away and I am not looking at it. I do not know what will happen in two years. But for now my focus is on being successful in Zlin. 

Did you wish you were drafted last year?

I was ranked somewhere around 40th among Czech players, so I don’t think there was a chance I could be drafted.

What did you learn about the fans [in Canada]?

Thanks to our crazy goalie Mrazek, who made quite the show, we were able to win, and except for the match with Canada, the fans cheered for us. When we were at the mall, and when people saw us, they wanted to buy a Czech Team baseball cap and have us all sign it. They knew us, and by name, too. Hockey is alive.

Hopefully, at the very least as a late-round pick, there will be a team willing to take a chance on Holik. He deserves it.

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