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Czech confidence

December 31, 2011

Petr Mrazek revels in the moment.

After the game, forward Tomas Filippi noted, only half seriously, regarding goalie Petr Mrazek’s near empty-net goal, “We all wanted it really badly. He tried well enough. I do not know, how far did he miss by? Ten fingers, maybe? Škoda (translates as “too bad”–not the auto manufacturer). He must try it some other time. Perhaps in the quarterfinals… “

That’s confidence.

In a separate interview last night with Pavel Barta of Blesk, Mrazek said he had never heard people chanting his name as they did last night. When asked about his being banned from the team last year due to a disagreement with his home club and the CHL over payment for the transfer, he said he is glad that he’s able to play this year. “Now I am trying to show just how well I can play. What else can I say? I am thankful to Vitkovice and to the president of the Czech hockey federation–that they allowed me to compete in this tournament.”

One can’t help but think that’s fueled Mrazek–the desire to show his peers and his country simultaneously what ails their development program, but also how they’ve stifled the success of their national junior team previously.

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