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Lucic, meet Shanahan: Act II

December 18, 2011

Rookie Sean Couturier downed by a lethal shot from the point by Kimmo Timonen.

Bruins forward Milan Lucic escaped suspension from his hit on Ryan Miller last month, but not with out explaining the act to discipline czar Brendan Shanahan. Now, Lucic is under the microscope again, slated for a hearing tomorrow afternoon. A high hit to Rinaldo of the Flyers, slamming him into the boards, is the cause for the hearing. I wonder whether he’ll be so lucky.

Saturday’s game was out of hand at points, of that there can be no confusion. Yes, seeing retribution from the beating the Bruins took opening night to the Flyers was refreshing. As was Chara’s good health. Most distressing was the puck taken to the head by Sean Couturier in the first period. That alone put a damper on the fun of a 6-0 throttling. Lucic’s hit didn’t help. The Bruins have participated in far wilder games, though, in the last year. That Montreal game in February? Yes.

Lucic’s hearing tomorrow will be the test of whether a prior hearing at didn’t yield suspension results in a more likely suspension the second go-round. I’d have to think that’s the case. Still, looking at the hit, it was to the shoulder, primarily. Lucic is not dirty per se, but he is prone to boneheaded moves. As Bruins fans know, Lucic can be his own greatest enemy. What’s more problematic is he hardly realizes this fact. Whenever he heads to the box, he’s downright perplexed. I am convinced he generally doesn’t act out a malice. He acts out of stupidity. As we know, acting out of the stupidity, obliviousness, etc. is just as harmful to others on the ice. He is a sweet guy, genuine, thoughtful. His postgame remarks are always composed, measured and honest.

But Lucic may be in for two-five game suspension.


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