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Vityaz Chekhov: Not just thuggery

December 2, 2011

Lately, the stories come out of Vityaz Chekhov have alternated between horrifying and bleak: outright violence, on the ice and off, wedding brawls, new rules enacted to quell the likes of Yablonski followers and so on and so forth. But as points out, “there is occasionally a place for tenderness.” After scoring a goal against Atlant Moscow, Mikhail Anisin and Jon Mirasty locked lips upon their return to the bench, if  just briefly. Moscow-boy, meet Saskatchewan boy. IDNES questioned whether little Anisin didn’t score the goal out of “special incentives.” I am all for this: the more affection on display, the less the fear of homophobia, the better.

Ah, the power of a kiss from Mirasty. Also, the Czech word for goon or thug is bitkař. What a fine word that is.

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