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One line: Sid’s back

November 20, 2011

Less than an hour ago word shot through the wires: Sidney Crosby will be returning to the line-up of the Pittsburgh Penguins for tomorrow night’s tilt against the New York Islanders. It’s a one-sentence press release, but surely one that will send shivers through the entire hockey world.

The game’s best player…is back. After 11 months.

One must applaud the Penguins organization for standing by their captain each step of the way. For not pushing him. For not allowing his situation to become more of a media spectacle or allowing misinformation to circulate. They handled the concussion problem in a way teams like the Maple Leafs have failed to (see: James Reimer).

Truth be told, I am nervous. I am nervous for how he’ll play. Nervous for the result. Th applause of the home crowd will be thunderous. It won’t be easy for the Islanders, though coming off a 6-0 thumping might provide some inspiration. Most reasonable people would like a Penguins win and a point or goal out of Sidney; I know I do. But we must all temper expectations. Tomorrow night is still a game, like any other.

Sidney Crosby, haters he may have, is what has made the New NHL what it is. And we should all be proud, ecstatic, to have him back.


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