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Petr Svoboda talks about the NHL return of his client, Jaromir Jagr

September 25, 2011

Petr Svoboda wasn’t a quiet man this summer. He had a lot to say about his client and former teammate Jaromir Jagr’s entrance into the free agency frenzy and his eschewing of the Penguins. He hasn’t stopped talking, and good on him. Why shouldn’t? In a world where Jagr is now a polarizing figure, he’s got his agent on his side to chime in for him.

Svoboda was interviewed by Blesk yesterday, and he applauded his client’s solid start in the preseason. After the winger’s shifty goal last week, it’s hard not to see the upside in the Flyers’ $3 million rent-a-star. Svoboda said he felt the Flyers are the perfect organization for Jagr’s comeback–competitive, deep, rife with young talent in need of mature guides like Jagr. He believes young Jakub Voracek, a man who once played with two sticks and failed to deliver on his perceived potential, will do well under the tutelage of Jarda. He said he looks to Van Riemsdyk to have a big season (and don’t we all?). Svoboda also explained that Jagr’s absence in London, Ontario against the Leafs was a result of a visa problem. Not to worry, he said. And how will Jagr’s relationship with Coach Peter Laviolette work out? “I’ve only heard positive things about him,” Svoboda noted.

It all looks so rosy, doesn’t it? I have high hopes for Jagr, but I’m going to wait till December or so.

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