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Plekanec, Spacek break down physiological testing in Montreal

September 21, 2011 captured Czech players Tomas Plekanec and Jaroslav Spacek while they underwent fitness testing in Montreal for the Canadiens.

On the VO2 max test, Plekanec said “nobody likes it, but on the other hand, it’s important to know how you are doing.” Plekanec admitted that he’d had difficulty in prior years coming to fitness testing in September, but had since learned how to maintain his health and strength over the long summer lay-off. Spacek said that despite his age, he feels excellent. In the end, Plekanec concluded that fitness testing demonstrates just what you’re capable of, and what you have to harness.

What is amusing is how IDNES explores the VO2 max test with an odd sense of curiosity and uncertainty, and near disdain at the practice. Then again, they are enlightening their own readership. I do wonder what sorts of fitness testing is conducted in the KHL, Elitserien or Extraliga at the start of training camp. Is it quite as rigorous as the NHL? Or is the NHL’s standard of fitness testing overkill? I do wonder, much in the way I’ve wondered about draft combine testing.

Is it useful at charting progress? Is it a useful indicator?

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