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Ondrej Pavelec: Getting a Canadian visa, but still wearing a Braves hat

September 1, 2011

Poor Ondrej Pavelec. The Jets’ starting netminder was in visa limbo for part of the summer. According to an interview with IDNES, he had planned to depart for Canada in mid-July, but was unable to. Pavelec attributes the problem to the change in management, change of country, as he went from applying for an American to a Canadian visa. It has since been resolved and he has been training in Montreal with a host of other Czechs in recent weeks.

“Město je celkem slušné, my tam ovšem jedeme hrát hokej a ne se bavit. Bude to v pohodě” he remarked. “The city is pretty nice, but we will be there to play hockey and not to have fun. It will be cool.” After spending time in Winnipeg as a visiting member of the Chicago Wolves, he has some idea of what to expect. And he’s not concerned about the parks, clearly.

Following a fainting spell at the start of the season, Pavelec became one of the brighter spots on the Thrashers’ roster last season, so, they’ll be needing him in Winnipeg.

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