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My first foray into Fantasy Hockey

August 28, 2011

Now teammates for me!

I remained at bay for so long. I thought it was silly. I thought it was juvenile. I thought it was a massive waste of time. I’d been warned by many about how it might taint my love of the game.

So, some how, some way, of my own volition, I found myself drafting on my first ever fantasy hockey pool this afternoon. It’s head-to-head, a public league, 12 teams, hosted on Yahoo! Yahoo! had a mess of technical issues and bugs as they launched, but they were resolved today. 12 strangers and me. I was nervous at first, figuring everyone was more experienced, more knowledgeable in fantasy drafting, than me. I figured they’d secretly be laughing at my choices, or have tricks up their sleeves. It actually wasn’t that bad at all. Sure, there were fast moving graphics and a ticker for each 90 second pick. But it was fairly straightforward. Very well-designed and fairly intuitive. And it wrapped in just about one hour’s time. Not bad.

I had the sixth overall pick. And who landed to me? The thoroughly now enigmatic Sidney Crosby, of course. Despite all odds, I chose Sid.

And here’s whom I drafted, in this order:


Sidney Crosby-Pekka Rinne-Patrick Kane-Zdeno Chara-Taylor Hall-Christian Ehrhoff-David Krejci-Jonas Hiller-John Carlson-James van Riemsdyk-Michael Grabner-Victor Hedman


Tomas Plekanec-Jordan Eberle-Dennis Seidenberg-Tuukka Rask

My East Coast bias is pretty apparent. As is my Bruins and Oilers bias. But I’m okay with that. This is my fantasy, after all. Sure, some of them are a little on the young and weak side, but this is about points, not a cohesive team. It doesn’t matter if there’s no leadership in the locker-room. And if (god forbid, god forbid…I hate uttering these words even) David Krejci is downed, there’s Tomas Plekanec on my fantasy bench. I picked players I like,  for their style, for their personality, for their upside, too. I have no clue how waiver wire or trades or anything works at this point. I’ll be learning.

Sure, I took a gamble on Crosby, but I have faith in him and his return. Also a gamble: Jonas Hiller. I presume his vertigo is cleared, but there’s Tuukka Rask there to take over, though how many starts he gets, I have no idea. I really like my defense. Christian Ehrhoff with Chara? John Carlson with Victor Hedman? That’s pretty awesome.

The season doesn’t start for some time. I am hoping the 11 other participants in this league are active and engaged. But it’s not going to be something I invest my entire being into. It’s just a game, a thing to do for 15 minutes a day. I refuse to spend any more time on it than that.


Welcome to fantasy hockey!

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