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Miroslav Satan training at Islanders’ facility

August 26, 2011

Miro during his Islander days. is reporting that NHL veteran and sniper Miroslav Satan has been training at the Islanders’ practice facility on Long Island, and even go so far as to speculate a comeback may be in the works. But the article quickly dispells its own rumors by drawing from a Garth Snow quote to the New York Post, in which he explains that the team allows all players, past and present, access to its facilities. Alexei Yashin, the subject of swirling rumors all summer, has been spotted at this facility, IceWorks, too. And Satan owns a house in the area.

Oh snap.

We can only dream. But really, if Snow sprung for a veteran like Satan, for league minimum, I’m pretty sure no one would accuse him of wrongdoing. It would offer some sensible depth. Heck, this is a team that re-upped Trevor Gillies. Surely Satan brings a whole lot more. He may be “older” but he doesn’t seem all that hard to get along with, or like he’d disrupt the youth movement on the Island. Snow insists he doesn’t want to “box out the young guys” but really, have they been boxed out thus far? That Satan is still working out signifies he’d like his career to continue. Where that will be—in Slovakia, in the KHL or in the NHL, we don’t know. But I for one would love to see him and his hands in the NHL this season. Much like his 2010 campaign with the Bruins, I could absolutely see him being added to a Cup-contender in February. He’s a proven goal-scorer who can produce clutch goals. Despite his age, there aren’t a lot of players like that.

And if Snow is wrong, and he could be wrong, he’d fit well with the Islanders.

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