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“Miracle” Granlund chats with Blesk while in Prague

August 24, 2011

Granlund competing in the IIHF World Juniors in 2010 (where he didn’t score “the goal” but showed glimpses of what was possible) 

Today, the 19-year old chatted with Czech tabloid Blesk. They carried on a lengthy interview. Mikael Granlund, lacrosse-style goal-scorer at this year’s IIHF championship was in Prague with his Finnish club ahead of a match against Slavia Praha for the European Trophy. It’s already been a big year for Granlund, as he helped Team Finland to gold at that tournament. Universally lauded as one of the best goals of 2011, Granlund’s hands will remain in the Finnish league next season. Then, he may make his way to North America to play for the Minnesota Wild.

The interviewer naturally joked about the goal that’s prompted a million questions, and Granlund humbly replied that the response has been great, when it comes to the goal “it wasn’t so special. It was just a goal.” “I did it before my brother, about five years ago, in junior,” he said of his younger brother Markus’s attempts at similar goals. He added “he just has a big mouth” and takes credit.

He said it took years of hard work with the puck to reach the point where he was capable of scoring as he did. “It’s not a gift from Santa Claus” he said of the finesse need to upheave a puck in that manner. “Each day, my goal is to be better than the last” he said, “for now I remain in Finland for school and the army, and also because not even I think I am totally ready.” But next year, the NHL is where he wants to me.

Speaking of the commemorative stamps Finland created for his goal, Granlund laughed “just my mom bought a few of them.”

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