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Best double chocolate chip cookies

August 22, 2011

Double chocolate chip cookies are sort of like the Cadillac of cookies. I’d never attempted them until last year, thinking that they’d be complicated to make, or were best left to bakeries.

How wrong I was.

The double chocolate chip cookie can and should be made by all, and it’s gluten-free convertible. I followed this Martha Stewart recipe. With respect to amendments (oh, there are always amendments), I’d say that the parchment paper on the baking sheet is unnecessary. Moreover, like most Martha Stewart recipes, from cakes to cookies, they often call for obscene amounts of butter. Butter makes everything taste better, naturally. But I think it’s overkill in many instances. Don’t know what’s going on over at Martha Stewart that leads them to suggest two sticks of butter in some cake recipes. But back these cookies: this amount of butter called for is actually alright. Also, I hate to be a chocolate snob, but, the better the chocolate you use, the best the result. These are extremely rich cookies, and are best consumed with a large glass of milk, or broken up over a bowl of vanilla ice cream (my personal favorite).

As noted, they can easily be made gluten-free by substituting Mama’s gluten-free almond blend flour. One-for-one.

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