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Alex Ovechkin leaving CCM

August 4, 2011

No more U + CL ads? 

Yesterday the Washington Post’s Capitals’ blog broke the news Alex Ovechkin is leaving his CCM sponsorship when it expires later this month. Vinny Lecavalier and Joe Thornton are fellow big-timers with CCM contracts, among a rash of 2011 draft picks, like Gabriel Landeskog and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. It’s been speculated that he’ll be leaving for Bauer, whose portfolio includes the likes of Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Tyler Seguin, Eric Staal and fellow Cap Nicklas Backstrom.

I like hockey gear, mostly because I think it looks cool and I like the colors. I’ve never been suited up in anything but the most basic lines of Bauer equipment and hand-me-downs, but I like to imagine the possibilities.

Just like getting a new trainer this summer, this move marks another breaking point for the Capitals’ superstar. Out with the old, in with the new. The old just wasn’t working, close (or not) as he may have been to Conference Finals territory. Just as the Bruins suffered disheartening defeats the past three years at the hands of sometimes lesser enemies, the Capitals perhaps must undergo the same trial and error. Only in adversity and adjustment will they succeed. There’s no presto-Cup. And summer is one the times to reflect and adjust.

Maybe in some new APX’s, with some new gloves, with a new stick, Ovechkin inches closer to what he desires. Soon to be no longer wedded to CCM, he can make the changes he sees fit. Sure, the equipment’s so often the same, and it was being tailored to his needs, and maybe there’s a placebo effect at work, but does that matter? If it makes Ovechkin better, it makes Ovechkin better.

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