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Adopted hometown heroes

July 10, 2011

The last time we saw the Hawks on the ice, they were in Vancouver, shaking hands with the team that vanquished them in a game seven overtime. 

Next up, the Chicago Blackhawks.

Some fast facts: my girlfriend is from Chicago, hence the fact I began developing in interest in them at all after the Bruins fell out of the 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs. And then I moved here, watched the annual training camp festival day that’s open to the public at the United Center in September, and began following them whenever possible. Of course, the fact they beat the Flyers, those Flyers that brought about the demise of the spoked Bs, had something to do with my cheering the Hawks.

But I’ve truly come to appreciate their style of play. Perhaps it’s the fact it’s the diametric opposite of the Bruins. Perhaps it’s the fact they possess real snipers and scorers in the form of Sharp, Kane and Hossa. Or maybe it’s just the goal song.

Still, Chicago is an awfully good place to be these days when it comes to quality hockey.

Chicago is in a great division. Seriously, getting to see them play the likes of the Red Wings and Blues six times a year is a treat. That’s not to demean the Bs Northeast division–because watching games from Montreal is truly a thrilling experience. But the Blackhawks play in a tight and fierce division in which there seem to be fewer blow-outs (is there a statistical study someone can do of goal-differential between divisions and the two conferences?).

The Hawks are relatively young, exciting, have won the Cup and play a fast, up-tempo game. They are revered in the city once again after having languished for years.

And I’m glad I’m here.

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