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Game 7: For all the marbles

June 15, 2011

The Bruins won’t have their home crowd, but will they be able to convert the momentum from game six? 

Game seven. Here we stand. The pinnacle of the season compressed into a single night. Boy, I thought game seven against Montreal was nerve-wracking. But this, this is a new level, an unfamiliar level. Because tonight either team stands to accept the Stanley Cup. Words can’t really describe it.

What will happen? Haven’t a clue. This has been such a topsy-turvy series. But really, I don’t think home-ice will matter to anyone on the ice except Luongo. It really is up to him. I think it’ll be a cleaner, tighter game. Perhaps not like game seven against Tampa, but at least somewhat less chaotic than any prior game in this series. It is partially a question of desperation and who can excel in a game seven scenario. My tendency would be again to say that the Canucks have better quality players, but the Bruins have greater experience (Recchi, Ference, Thornton, etc). Will those factors cancel one another out? Perhaps.

Could be a 1-0 game. Could be a blowout by either team.

I think I don’t want to write. I just want to watch.

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