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Game 6: Showtime

June 13, 2011

Milan Lucic hops off the bus in Vancouver a few days ago.

I am going to come out right off the bat with my not-so-bold prediction: the Bruins will win tonight and force a game seven back in Vancouver on Wednesday.

There, I said.

What will this game resemble? It’s too soon. I don’t want to rule out another massive Bruins blow-out completely, but I just don’t think Luongo will repeat his performances of games three and four. The stakes are much too high, and it was clear in game five he managed to ratchet his brain to that Olympic-level. I do think he’ll have his work cut out for him, though. With the Bruins crowd roaring and the tension of an elimination scenario for the Bruins apparent, they’ll be peppering him with shots from every angle and pushing those rebounds.

Tim Thomas has been excellent all series long and I don’t see any shift there.

Beyond goaltending, I think the Bruins will be emboldened at home and there will be a degree of chippiness throughout. But I don’t think either team is crazy enough to allow it to interfere with the business of scoring, of winning.

I have a feeling the Canucks desperation-mode stars, like Kesler and Bieksa, will come in big. So too will Burrows. For the Bruins, I see Krejci being a man on fire. If there is anyone who takes this more seriously than David Krejci right now, I would be shocked. Lucic thrives at home and looks to have a big game. Seguin had one or two good looks in game five and I think the last-change will benefit him tremendously as he won’t get trapped out there in defense-mode so much. I mean, anyone on the Bruins could step up tonight. The Bergeron line? Absolutely possible.

Coaches will be nervous. Referees will be in top-form.

The emotions in both cities must be fraught. I just happen to sit firmly in the middle, here in Chicago. Ah, see-saw. Which way will it tip tonight?

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