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Game 5: Pressure Cooker

June 10, 2011

After arriving in Vancouver, Brad Marchand speaks to the media.

The Bruins and the Canucks have landed right back where started from. But in a very different condition. If the Bruins’ flight from Vancouver back home five days ago was brutal, the Canucks must have been faced with a similar plight yesterday. A long flight, against the jet-stream, with a nagging fear of doom.

Ah, the Finals.

But neither team would admit to such. And especially not the Canucks. The truth is, as each game passes, the pressure and importance of the games rises by a magnitude of 10. Game two is twice as important as game one, and so on. While the the sake of sanity the Canucks may reason that everything is “evened up” now, and the Bruins may insist on the same for the sake calm and stability and not becoming over-excited, it’s just a fact.

Each one of these games has been a story unto itself, with the only real common threads being tied between games three and four. And, perhaps, the chippiness of it all. The brutishness. The nastiness.

Some might argue that it didn’t matter whether the Canucks lost by a margin of one point or seven, or three. It didn’t matter. Bieksa said this before game four, even. It’s about aggregate wins, not aggregate goals. And this is true. But there has to be something devastating for the Canucks and inflating to the Bruins about an 8-1 and 4-0 set of victories. There has to be pressure there, for both sides.

Admittedly, the Canucks carry a greater weight, a greater burden, by virtue of being the favored team back in September, by virtue of having the “deepest team.”

What will they do?

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  1. June 10, 2011 13:20

    Great post man. Everyone is saying that Boston now have full control over the series. Suddenly Boston is the team to beat but people seem to forget that the Bruins were pretty much counted out after game 2. For the first time in these playoffs home ice advantage might finally be the factor that pushes a team over the edge. We’ll see but there’s no way you can count the Canucks out at this point for sure. Roberto Luongo needs to come back strong, Kesler and the Sedins need to score, and the defence needs Hamhuis back. I feel like the Canucks are going to come back strong in a home game 5, but I thought they’d come back strong in game 4 so that probably doesn’t mean much. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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