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Game 2 to game 3: Looking backward, looking forward

June 6, 2011

Game two warm-ups.

I’ll just put it right out there. Game two was humiliating. No, it was stinging. The manner in which the Bruins lost in game two was nearly worse than a 7-0 type blowout. 11 seconds into overtime. A mishandled puck.

The end.

I haven’t been able to write about it, think about, until now. And even now, I don’t want to. In the playoffs, when it comes to your team, hope must spring eternal. All looked bleak after game two against Montreal. Glum. Grey. But teams, and their followers, forge onward.

Tonight, game three. And in Boston. The Bruins have slowly started feeding off the crowd more and more this postseason, after those two losses (do I have to bring that up again?) to Montreal on home-ice. Yes, as Krejci pointed out earlier, they are booed during a poor performance. Yes, the fans are rough. But all of TD Garden, all of New England, will be pulling for them tonight. To even the series in games three and four would radically alter the landscape of the Finals. And it’s entirely possible.

Tim Thomas may have been forced to make some heart-stopping saves in games one and two; the kinds of saves that kept the Bruins within the realm of victory. But, still, the Bruins were close. These are narrow games. Two games at home. They can do that.

The head-games may continue with Burrows and Lapierre. Surely, Burrows should have been suspended for the biting incident. That was absolutely inexcusable on the part of the NHL to claim there was substantiating evidence. Heck, there were 20 cameras on them. It was clear to anyone. Burrows had a history of biting, even. It stung that Burrows had to score goals one and three in game two. Stung hard. But karma tends to work that way in hockey. It doesn’t switch, even out. No, karma in hockey snowballs in the worst way.

The Canucks and their fans caught a major break with Burrows. One they must be aware of.

The Bruins fought with venom in game two. And in game three, they can bring it back.

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