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The Great Beyond

May 31, 2011

Road-time for the Bruins, who arrived in Vancouver yesterday ahead of the start of the Stanley Cup Finals tomorrow night.

Amid the hubbub of news today regarding the Atlanta Thrashers’ final and official relocation (pending approval by the Board of Governors and sale of 13,000 season tickets) was the fact the Stanley Cup playoffs begin tonight. The timing is off, but I can’t think of any better time Bettman et alii had than right now in order to finalize the transaction. After all, the combine is just around the corner and the draft takes place in Minneapolis at the end of June. Ideally, a new team would need to be in place before both of those events took place. And so it was, live from Winnipeg, earlier today, the ownership group True North, the premier of Manitoba and Bettman himself made, what had long been speculated to be true, official. Now that that’s been cleared out of the way, I do hope all the attention can be turned to hockey’s finest spectacle (okay, maybe the gold medal game in the Olympics): the Finals.

It is here. Media day is ongoing (if only I could be there!). The Canucks are being interviewed as I type, whilst the Bruins are continuing their practice and will be interviewed thereafter.

And the big show starts tomorrow.

The Bruins and the Canucks. A classic series. Original Six + a Canadian team. Two deep teams. Two outstanding. And the longest travel of any two teams ever in the history of the final. Spanning a continent.  Unlike last year’s short-hop between Chicago and Philly, this year’s promises to be far more epic. Watching the send-off the Bruins received at TD Garden yesterday, and the excitement that has gripped Vancouver, it’s clear these finals will be big.




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