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Do or die

April 18, 2011

Claude Julien and co. at today’s morning skate. 

Tonight’s the night. Bruins. Canadiens. Bell Centre. Game three. It’s a must-win situation for the Bruins.

I wholly applaud Claude Julien’s silence on matters of personnel for tonight’s game. He reserves the right to keep mum on who’s in and who’s out. Essentially, whether it’s Tuukka and Seguin who will be making an appearance. All the media hassling him, that’s fine, but, he shouldn’t be criticized for staying quiet.

I will say, perhaps turning on my words from yesterday, that keeping the existing line-up intact may be the right choice. This is the team that largely brought them this far and this is the group that’ll be in it for the long-haul. Re-jiggering now could lead to confusion and as much as Tuukka Rask can be a showstopper, tossing him into into a hostile Bell Centre when he’s cold and there’s a Vezina winner who had a few mistakes (albeit deadly ones) still there and uninjured, well, that might be a mistake. I am still more open to Tyler Seguin than Tuukka Rask, however. I think he could provide the proverbial spark and that he’s got the pep and the energy to play, plus he’s had the benefits of watching all the mishaps from the owner’s box for two games now.

Whoever is in, whoever is playing, this game should be played like a game seven.

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