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March 28, 2011: Day after Victory

March 28, 2011

The Bruins won decisively last night 2-1, clinching a playoff spot and reaffirming their identity as a top-flight team. The win wasn’t necessarily pretty, nor was it glorious, nor was it absolutely clear the Bruins were destined to win at any point during the game. But they won. As others have so often said this season, all it takes is grinding it on. And the Bruins managed to do just that after a lackluster defeat the day before against the Rangers.

In my observations from the game, it’s very clear that Thomas is resuming playing in his incredible form. Ever since the Bruins played the Leafs, Tyler Seguin has look hungrier and more aggressive than ever before. Something clicked at the Air Canada Centre that night for Seguin. He fights for the puck now and has developed a little mean streak. This is a hugely positive sign. Kaberle is looking more and more comfortable quarterbacking the power-play and Marchand finally redeemed himself with his 20th goal of the season. Well done.

Next up, the my “new hometown” team, the Blackhawks, will square off against the Bruins at the Garden. I say this about nearly every game, much to the confusion and frustration and teasing of friends and family, but, this one will be a big one. Just by virtue of living in Chicago and having the local WGN on and reading the Trib this year I’ve managed to follow the Blackhawks quite a bit more closely than I expected. They are sitting in the eighth seed in the West and are precariously close to losing it. As the defending Stanley Cup champions and a team captained by perhaps the captain of them all, Jonathan Toews, there’s not a chance they won’t put a up a major fight against the Bruins for those two points. The question is, do the Bruins sit back and let that happen?


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