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March 24, 2011: Bruins v. Canadiens

March 24, 2011

Sugar Jim Henry and Rocket Richard. Old school. To be fair, tonight’s game really isn’t anything of that sort of caliber. But by the looks and sounds of things, you couldn’t be blamed for thinking it was.

Ba-da-da-da-ba-da-ba-ba-ba, ba-da-ba-ba, ba-da-ba-ba-ba. The only song I can think of right now is the “Final Countdown.”

In what may now be the most hyped game of the season for either team, there is little that can be said for certain right now. Some are speculating a bloodbath is in the works, whilst others are convinced that not a single penalty will be committed or drawn just because of the scrutiny the game will be under. As entertaining as the match before last was, with however many (five?) fights and a goalie duel, I have to think that won’t be what’s expected for this game. Nor would it be that entertaining.

The Bruins and Habs are vastly different teams in terms of size, skill and playing-style, and thus, so many of their five previous match-ups this year have been hard to read afterwards. Bruins + Habs = does not compute. Anything is possible tonight. Anything. I make no judgment, I make no prediction. I just really want to watch a solid hockey game at this point.

Bruins’ keys:

  • Avoid neutral zone turnovers. Canadiens have speed and skill to exploit every mistake and they will.
  • Watch PK Subban and don’t do anything to tick him off.
  • Don’t commit penalties. Just don’t let Habs on power-play.
  • Turning the focus to the stellar goalies on the ice would be great—Tim Thomas and Carey Price would be front and center had the Pacioretty incident not occurred. Vezina candidates playing the best of their careers. That’s something to celebrate here.
  • After what Mark Recchi said on the radio today, note to Bergeron and Ryder or whoever else is playing with him: watch his back.

If it sounds like I’m advising the Bruins to play defensively (not as in the position, but as in the mental state) then it’s true, that’s what I’d like them to do. Know the weight of the world and the entirety of the province of Quebec will be on you. Win a good game.

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